Product Development Engineering

Zerrecon has a special capability in developing product concepts into actual working models and designs.  We work with our clients to learn about their product concept in order to understand the trade-offs between design parameters, then take that concept to the next level, depending on the specific needs.  Our particular strength is that we have a very general background in engineering, design, testing, human factors, and manufacturing techniques. We have a specific expertise in developing products for people with disabilities.  Projects typically involve one or more of the following:

  • Modeling and Engineering Studies.  Many concepts need further development in order to establish a realistic design.  This could be a study of the forces required to accomplish the objective, the heat transfer required, battery capacity to operate it, or any other engineering parameters critical to successful design, typically in combination with others.  We can design and build models when necessary to collect engineering data.
  • Concept Development.  Some inventors lack the tools and skills to convert their ideas into working models or demonstration units; we have the ability to design and fabricate some or all of your system components.  We work with you to take advantage of the development that you have done, and take the next steps to complete the device in the form that you want.
  • Prototype Design and Build.  After a concept is proven, it needs to be further developed.  It often needs to be redesigned to take advantage of mass production techniques, such as injection molding or metal stamping, and to reduce the manufacturing costs as much as possible.  We network with CAD designers and other specialists to bring the right expertise to your project.  We can fabricate some items in our shop, and coordinate the fabrication of the remainder in appropriate specialty shops.
  • Testing.  If testing is required we can coordinate it in local test labs.  Zerrecon has limited testing capability, but it may be more efficient for us to design and coordinate these tests because of the engineering knowledge that needs to be derived from it.
  • Ergonomic Evaluation and Application.  Zerrecon has an extensive background in designing devices for people with injuries and disabilities, generally making them very easy to operate.  We can review you product for ergonomic considerations and for applicability to people with disabilities.
  • Engineering Services.  Zerrecon functions essentially as your Engineering Department or Product Development Department.  We can advise you at every step of the way as you progress to full mass production.  We can help you choose the materials of construction and the fabrication technique, for example, and advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  If we do not have the capability ourselves, we will help you find the expertise you need and coordinate work so as to maximize effectiveness for you.

Our approach to design is to proceed in stages and develop the design details only as required for that stage.  We try to move as rapidly as possible into an actual working unit, feeling that it is extremely important to have something that people can actually touch, feel, and try.  The information gained from having this type of unit far outweighs any benefit of more extensive “analytical” design before making a model or prototype.

We will meet with you at no charge to learn about your project and your next specific objectives.  We will give you guidance in this regard and prepare a quotation for the next phase of work.  We routinely sign standard non-disclosure agreements to facilitate open exchange of information.

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