About Us

Zerrecon is a consulting engineering firm specialized in “small” projects.  If you need the knowledge and skills of an engineer for a small project, we can provide those services.  Some of our typical projects are:

  • Building-Related Services
    • minor structural modifications
    • change in occupancy classification
    • inspections/evaluations
    • sign and pole inspections
    • fire escape inspections
  • Product Development

Zerrecon is not affiliated with any contractor or service provider, so you can be assured that our opinion is unbiased.

Zerrecon was incorporated in 1974 and grew slowly as a part-time occupation for the founder, Ed Ellingson.  In 1995 Ed was able to go full-time with Zerrecon and grow the business substantially.  Matt Soiney joined Zerrecon in February, 2014, and became President in April, 2015.  Ed has moved to Colorado (to be near his daughter and her family) and now assists Matt by working remotely.  Ed also formed Zerrecon, LLC in Colorado to expand the Zerrecon services to that state.

In Wisconsin it’s Zerrecon, Inc, contact Matt Soiney at 414-771-7140 or (cellphone) 414-852-8007; email: Matt.Soiney@zerrecon.com

In Colorado it’s Zerrecon, LLC, contact Ed Ellingson at 414-559-8521 or email: Ed.Ellingson@zerrecon.com

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