You are wonderful!
Thank you so much,

“When I was negotiating the purchase of two commercial properties recently, it was extremely helpful to have an expert evaluation of the condition of the buildings. His review was very thorough, and I recommend him to all of my clients”   -Thomas   Commercial Lender & Real Estate Investor

“When my business expansion led me to look for a building, I realized I had no “feel” for commercial building components or what to look for as far as current and future maintenance and repair costs. I contacted Ed for a full inspection and found his comprehensive report thorough and informative. The inspection helped me plan immediate and future improvements to the structure and gave me “buyers’ confidence.”    -Tom   Property Owner

“My building inspection business focuses on many historic and architecturally special building and homes. When I discover a foundation or structural issue in a building, Ed is at the top of my list as an expert that I recommend to my clients. He’s a PE (Registered Professional Engineer) and provides my clients good, solid clear pragmatic advice. He’s wholly independent and not affiliated with any basement-contractors, so I know that the recommendations he makes are completely unbiased and based on reality. In a world where everyone’s an expert, Ed’s solutions are a common-sense and pragmatic approach. Ed’s comfort with new and old, as well as odd and unusual architectural and engineering issues is just another reason I recommend him often.    -Scot  Home Inspector

Thank you so much for the visit / inspection.  Although you were not able to give the foundation a passing grade, you have helped as far as gaining the aspect we need to go forward.

Hope to see you again someday; you’re very pleasant to work with.


Thanks for your services you have been very helpful and professional. I will definitely recommend your company to others in the future.

Thanks  -Mick

Thanks so much for going out there on Thursday and having the report to me Friday morning. The home inspection deadline is Friday and the seller wants to put his down payment on his new senior apartment on that day as well. So, I’ll be working all day to pull this one together. I can’t thank you enough for always coming through for me on such short notice.


I wanted to thank you for how thorough you were today with the inspection and give you Client’s email in case there were any questions either way.


Just wanted to say thank you. You did an inspection for me and a engineer’s report for my roof on my home in Wauwatosa a few years back. I believe it was instrumental in forcing the insurance company to finally repair my roof rather than try and refute your report. It’s amazing that they had an inspection prior to insuring my property and their own agent stated that it was new and fine prior to them insuring it and then try to say the cracked ridge board and bowed rafters was normal.

I don’t believe they thought I would pursue it with all the legal fees involved but I could not let them get away with that.

You were excellent, very accommodating with my attorney and more than fair on your fee.

I hope all is well for you. If you any need a reference for a home owner please don’t hesitate to give them my name and number.

Thank you very much,


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