Foundation Structural Inspections

Structural foundation inspection reports consist of three parts:

  •  Observations.  This is a description of what is actually observed on-site, such as the size of cracks, the extent of bowing or shifting, the condition of drainage systems that could affect the foundation, and other things that could be relevant to the problem.
  • Interpretation.  This is an explanation from an engineering standpoint as to what is causing the problem that is observed.  The typical problem source is water in some way, such as collecting near the foundation (water expands as it freezes, resulting in very significant forces), or allowing movement in the underlying soil.
  • Opinion.  An opinion is given as to what needs to be done to assure the structural integrity of the building, including both eliminating the cause of the problem and repairing any damage done.  This can range from “this building system is structurally intact and nothing further needs to be done” to extensive repairs, such as, “the foundation needs excavation to relieve the pressure, the wall straightened, and interior reinforcing added…”

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